The attic is a place dedicate to share my passion :costuming and sewing.I'm not a professional or expert seamstress,only the mother of young kids who love sewing.You won't find 100% historical costume,museum replica, perfection or extreme thing here.

I believe everyone who bring some goodwill can sew and enjoy it.The attic is an unpretentious place .I show my work, information and hope it could somehow inspired you.Feel free to leave comment or share idea.Be welcome and visit as much as you want.

mardi 3 mai 2016

A touch of 20's and 30's , part 2

A quick post to show jewelry and hair accessories to add with some 20's and 30's look.

 A two layers necklace with fringe , not exactly typical of the era but the fringe are just a kind of reminder.Well that's how I see it.Find at Sears for around 15$ with earrings.

 The typical necklace that everyone associate with the 20's , the necklace with a knot and tassel.What I love from this is the fact that the knot can be undone and allow to unwrap the necklace .It can the possibility to make more then one style.

This style is easy to find in different material.It take me a while to find one that I really love.Found at Walmart for around 14$.

From the movie The great Gatsby , the character of Daisy wearing a now well know hair accessorie.I receive it for christmas with the bracelet.Picture found from google image.

I actually found pretty difficult to find hair accessories that are not style for the evening. I haven't found something I could wear for a more day to day look.They are too chic and look more for an evening party.Hat are a great choice but still won't always wear one.I'm still searching , if you have suggestion feel free to share.

samedi 16 avril 2016

A touch of 20's and 30's , part 1

I'm in love with the style of clothing in the 20's and 30's.Everything can't be wear for a day to day style and let's admit it , you need some confidence to wear some piece.The cut of the 20's is not what suit the best a plus size women.Even with that in mind , there is a lot of thing that could be add to
have a  touch of style without being 100% in it.

I'm planning a coat from the mid 20's as a first piece.Here are some  accessories I thougth I could match with it .

The first thing every women need is a purse .I love those with bead and sequin but they are small and delicate.I need something that can resiste to the hands of my kids and can take all the stuff I usually carry.

Not typical of the period but have this little antique look and a medium size.I found it on ebay made of leather around 15$.

Wrist watch did exist in the 20's but to people , nothing looks like more 20's or old like a pocket watch.This one was my grandfather watch.He always complain it didn't work properly.With a new battery , chain and a little reparation , it's like a new one.

It's really not expensive , you can buy one at Walmart from 15-20$ or in specialize shop for 50-60$.It is more popular for men but I like it.Most are silver , I'm lucky to have one golden and there is a tiny flower inside.A must but not a necessity.

Shoes are a necessity but I don't have the budget to buy authentic one.That doesn't mean you can't find good one.I love my running shoe with a big L .It's no secret high heel and me are not friend.After searching for what I can have with a low heel , here is what I found.

Forever 21 buy from ebay around 15$.They are extremely comfortable and not expensive.There is also a version t-strap .They are my favorite.It's a classic look if I can say  and they can be wear with a jeans.

Bebo buy from a UK seller on ebay, around 20$.A squarre heel looks more antique then a tiny modern heel we saw everywhere.I love them but they are a little more narrow then all my other shoes.
Gabriella rocha model ginger . I saw those shoes last summer from Zappo and 6pm.Both are online shop that didn't ship outside the US and it was too expensive to get them.There is a lot of color to choose and a choice of leather or suede.

I found mine on ebay again around 20$ + 20$shipping.The heel is low , they are comfortable but they are a disappointment.It's suppose to be a sample floor but the shoes are more used then you can see on pictures.The sole is like a new one but I really don't understand why and how it could be so used at some place.Returning them would have been a waste of money since it would  have been expensive to send it back .I like them but they gave the impression I already wear them a hundred of time.

I protect my shoes with a spray against stain and water.Lauren from American duchess have announce a collection of 20's shoes for next summer so I have great hope.They might be expensive but the consumer service is great and the shoes will last for decade.

Stay tune for the second part , jewelry and hair accesories.

mardi 12 avril 2016

News of april

I haven't blog much recently mostly due to my come back to work.My daughter as start the daycare later then expect but I think it's for the best.In the same time , I no longer have a sewing room.Soon it will be my daughter bedroom , it's almost done.

With my job and the kids it's difficult to find time to sew .When I do it , I don't have much time.I do have start a few things which I hope to be able to show soon.Now I'm learning to sew with my kids playing around and try to be more careful with what is accessible to those littles hands.

samedi 30 janvier 2016

Restoration of an antique hat

A few years ago , I buy this hat on etsy from the seller The hat museum.I just fell in love with the style.There was a good reason if this hat was not expensive , around 40$: many dark brown stain.This hat is an Henry Pollak from the 60's that mimic a style of the 30's.A few stain didn't stop me .

 Original picture from the seller.You can see the stain on the brim and the ribbon is fray at the end.Hopefully it didn't smell awful when I receive it , it might happen with antique thing store for a too long time.

 I start by removing the jewel and the ribbon which was glue on it.Not much glue hopefully.As you can see there is a major difference of color.After that , I decided to gently wash the hat with water and soap.It was not only to try to remove the stain but to remove over 50 years of dust.I used a biological soap.

 A gift I receive to put my hat on it , an hat support made by my father in law.Now my hat is proudly on it in my sewing room.

 A stamp inside the hat , a little damage but could be read : 100% wool Glenover Henry Pollak inc New York.
 It would be quite impossible to describe the color of the water when I wash the hat.Let's just say it was a good thing to do.Even after trying different stain remover and  soap , the stain haven't be 100% remove.They pass from dark to pale and at this point you should be very close to see it.I won't dye it because I love the color.

The original ribbon have fray a lot.If I had cut it , it would not have been possible to have the same length and style.I buy a new one from a very close color.I know from a value point , keeping the original stuff is always the best but I didn't buy it for that reason.The new ribbon is only  fix in the front with a few stitches.

I wash the jewel with water and soap.My honey point me that I should use alcohol but the result is still good and no harm was done.I stitch it at the top and the bottom exactly like it was .There's no hole or pin so I have to do it the same way.

In the future I may used a spray to protect it like the one you used for suede shoes.I think it might help to stop the dust to enter in the wool and repeal water just in case of.

The result.The jewel and ribbon are shiny , stain are pale.The wool still looks old even if it's clean but I believe 50 years old wool can't looks like new one.Now I can put it on my head proudly and go out.

What I would do differently ? I would say nothing for now.I'm not an expert , I never restore an antique hat before.It take time but it feel rewarding and satisfactory to bring something back to life.If you know someone more expert then me or have advice for next time, I would love to hear it because I hope I will do it again .If I have to give advice from this experience I would say follow your instinct first and do logical choice.

mercredi 20 janvier 2016

Project for 2016

I won't do a review of what I've done in 2015  , I prefer to focus on what's coming.There is a few thing I wish to do.My daughter will start the daycare next month.Slowly I will have time alone and I intend to put a lot of it in sewing.Here are my plan:

1- Chairs covers
 I will buy 2 chairs soon to complete the set of 4 we have.With kids you can easily imagine how stain they are .To cover them will help changing the look of the dining room.

2- spring - autumn 1920 coat
I still have 1 fabric I want for sure to use , just need to buy the lining.I will use this pattern as a base but I already know I will modify it.

 McCall pattern no 7259 from the archive collection.

3- Clothing for my kids
I have a few fabric for child , I think it's overdue to use it.I have some lovely fabric with flower that will make cute little dress.

4-Finishing the restoration of my hat
I buy a hat a few years now.Not proud to say I didn't finish the cleaning-restoration of it.It's a 1960 hat that imitate a style of the 30's.It's almost done .
Henry Pollack hat from somewhere in the 60's .Found on Etsy from The hat museum.

5-Transforming  a plain black hat
I do receive a plain black polyester hat from Walmart.I want to pimp it to something that will look more 1920 to fit with the coat.I'm pretty sure I already have everything I need for what I have in mind.

That's all for now.I don't want to make too much project because I know I will be disappointed .I have plenty of thing in mind but I start first and see later what is possible.