The attic is a place dedicate to share my passion :costuming and sewing.I'm not a professional or expert seamstress,only the mother of young kids who love sewing.You won't find 100% historical costume,museum replica, perfection or extreme thing here.

I believe everyone who bring some goodwill can sew and enjoy it.The attic is an unpretentious place .I show my work, information and hope it could somehow inspired you.Feel free to leave comment or share idea.Be welcome and visit as much as you want.

dimanche 15 janvier 2017

Viking outfit for my daughter , part 2

The goal wasn't to make something historically perfect , just to have a close look that I will love.Making things in small size doesn't mean it doens't required time.As a first layer for the costume , I made a plain tunic.I used the technic with rectangle , triangle on the side and a gusset under the arm.I used a piece of leftover linen I already and other fabric  so I didn't have to buy anything.

The tunic , showing the shape and size of it. It was assembly by machine but the outside is entirely handsew.

Close-up of the neckline , handsew with a pale blue silk.The bottom and the wrist are made the same way , blanket stitches.

The over dress ,  an apron dress  made of burgundy wool flannel.The cut is the same as the one I have and was made by my friend Gwenyver.Assembly by machine but not visible on the outside.You can see more of the shape on this site I used.

Again , the bottom is handsew using a blanket stitches.I like it because it's easy and look nice.I used the same pink silk for the hat.

I was running out of time to sew the shoulder strap so I sew them quickly doing an X to fix it.The strap as you can see are not entirely finish.It was wear only one time for halloween and it look wonderfull.Because halloween was a monday , my daugther didn't have the chance to wear it at the day care.

Type of costume : viking for a little girl under 2 years old
Fabrics: linen and wool flannel
Threads : Alyce Scrotch silk ,  Renaissance wool , polyester for the machine
Handsew for the outside , assembly by machine
Time to realize: a few hours to cut and assembly , hours for the handsew which I did before going to the bed.So at the end it wasn't quick but I did follow a good rhythm of progression.

samedi 14 janvier 2017

Viking outfit for my daughter , part 1

Back in october for halloween.We decided to do a minimum of thing . My honey and my son were pirates and my daugther and I choose viking.I already have everything I need so I had only to make 1 costume.

I want something just so cute for her .I start with a little hat on which I did a lot of embroidery.I see it more as an embroidery practice then a real project.It was easy to do  , just a little at the time before going to bed.

I found 2 models of viking over the web , the jorvik and dublin hat , one being more round on the back and the other a real squarre.I choose the squarre.

I knew I didn't have the time to entirely embroided the hole thing but at least it should have something on it.I choose a tree on one side.

To save time , I made the hat , used the herringbone stitches to finish the edge , draw the tree on the fabric , embroided the tree and make and fix the braids.

At left and at the bottom : herringbone stitches , those in pink are made with silk , white with wool.This a picture taken in progress.

The tree: in brown threaded running stitches in silk  , in green pekinese stitches in wool.The braid are made of the same wool I used on the hat.Very soft to the touch and a pleasure to work with.No modern stitches are visible on the outside.

The final result.Probably not the best embroidery that could be made but as a first attempt to make those stitches it's not so terrible.

mardi 10 janvier 2017

Borings projects

I won't pretend I will sew more for 2017 because this a resolution I probably can't keep.At least I will try to update more and to post more on my blog that's something I can do with a bit of effort.S let's start with things I have done.

I did a few little things not much interesting .A mix of linen cotton leftover fabric I had for a long time.The color isn't great and never find a decent thing to do with it.I did a huge drawstring bag to use at work. As a baker , we clean ourself our apron  and cloth with a washing machine instead of paying another compagny to do it .The bag we had have a good 20 years of service and was pretty damage , so it was time to replace it .The fabric is strong and I did double stitches so I think it may last for at least 10 years or more.

Squarres of fabric to be stitch together and being transform into a blanket.I did a few in the past and still I have the impression I have hundred of those squarre. It feel it's never ending .It's a kind of on the side project , working on it sometimes when I find motivation.

Cotton flannel blanket I finish and have been on the stash for years.Mostly done with leftover fabric. My mom knew someone who had a little girl and will appreciate it. It's reversible , soft and just cute .I could keep it for my own daughter but I thought it will do a nice gift.

That's all for the borings projects , other are more interesting.

mardi 3 mai 2016

A touch of 20's and 30's , part 2

A quick post to show jewelry and hair accessories to add with some 20's and 30's look.

 A two layers necklace with fringe , not exactly typical of the era but the fringe are just a kind of reminder.Well that's how I see it.Find at Sears for around 15$ with earrings.

 The typical necklace that everyone associate with the 20's , the necklace with a knot and tassel.What I love from this is the fact that the knot can be undone and allow to unwrap the necklace .It can the possibility to make more then one style.

This style is easy to find in different material.It take me a while to find one that I really love.Found at Walmart for around 14$.

From the movie The great Gatsby , the character of Daisy wearing a now well know hair accessorie.I receive it for christmas with the bracelet.Picture found from google image.

I actually found pretty difficult to find hair accessories that are not style for the evening. I haven't found something I could wear for a more day to day look.They are too chic and look more for an evening party.Hat are a great choice but still won't always wear one.I'm still searching , if you have suggestion feel free to share.

samedi 16 avril 2016

A touch of 20's and 30's , part 1

I'm in love with the style of clothing in the 20's and 30's.Everything can't be wear for a day to day style and let's admit it , you need some confidence to wear some piece.The cut of the 20's is not what suit the best a plus size women.Even with that in mind , there is a lot of thing that could be add to
have a  touch of style without being 100% in it.

I'm planning a coat from the mid 20's as a first piece.Here are some  accessories I thougth I could match with it .

The first thing every women need is a purse .I love those with bead and sequin but they are small and delicate.I need something that can resiste to the hands of my kids and can take all the stuff I usually carry.

Not typical of the period but have this little antique look and a medium size.I found it on ebay made of leather around 15$.

Wrist watch did exist in the 20's but to people , nothing looks like more 20's or old like a pocket watch.This one was my grandfather watch.He always complain it didn't work properly.With a new battery , chain and a little reparation , it's like a new one.

It's really not expensive , you can buy one at Walmart from 15-20$ or in specialize shop for 50-60$.It is more popular for men but I like it.Most are silver , I'm lucky to have one golden and there is a tiny flower inside.A must but not a necessity.

Shoes are a necessity but I don't have the budget to buy authentic one.That doesn't mean you can't find good one.I love my running shoe with a big L .It's no secret high heel and me are not friend.After searching for what I can have with a low heel , here is what I found.

Forever 21 buy from ebay around 15$.They are extremely comfortable and not expensive.There is also a version t-strap .They are my favorite.It's a classic look if I can say  and they can be wear with a jeans.

Bebo buy from a UK seller on ebay, around 20$.A squarre heel looks more antique then a tiny modern heel we saw everywhere.I love them but they are a little more narrow then all my other shoes.
Gabriella rocha model ginger . I saw those shoes last summer from Zappo and 6pm.Both are online shop that didn't ship outside the US and it was too expensive to get them.There is a lot of color to choose and a choice of leather or suede.

I found mine on ebay again around 20$ + 20$shipping.The heel is low , they are comfortable but they are a disappointment.It's suppose to be a sample floor but the shoes are more used then you can see on pictures.The sole is like a new one but I really don't understand why and how it could be so used at some place.Returning them would have been a waste of money since it would  have been expensive to send it back .I like them but they gave the impression I already wear them a hundred of time.

I protect my shoes with a spray against stain and water.Lauren from American duchess have announce a collection of 20's shoes for next summer so I have great hope.They might be expensive but the consumer service is great and the shoes will last for decade.

Stay tune for the second part , jewelry and hair accesories.